/Humayun’s Tomb – A work of excellence!

Humayun’s Tomb – A work of excellence!

opzioni binarie vincere sempre Delhi surprises me with its vast architectural structures. If you walk on roads of old Delhi, you are bound to find tombs and structures of various sizes and shapes on either side. Clubbing all of them together in one article would be doing injustice to them as each one has its own story to tell.

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follow link Humayun’s Tomb is one of the oldest structures situated at the heart of Delhi. The site has also been declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The place covers a huge area with the main tomb in the center and various other small monuments on the way that lead you to the main enclosure area.

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One of the entrance path to the main tomb

http://hosnaboen.no/?misoloie=singelklubb-akershus&0a3=19 You should have enough time in hand when you go to visit this place. And you need to walk 😊 It is beside Purana Quila. Parking space is right outside the main entrance. Once you buy the entry tickets, you enter a big gate from where the marvelous journey begins. As you proceed further you will find various monuments in the area. All of them are well marked and a little description about each one of them is printed. There is a place when you enter the big gate where there is a miniature of the entire structure and some details are given on them. For the ones who are interested in architectural build, it would be interesting to go through them. Then there is another monument which seems floating on water with a narrow path leading to the main area. One will find many of these small and big structures inside which seem very interesting.

http://massimoibba.org/?finisel=rencontre-nocturne-pdf&3dd=b4 The main tomb is a multi-storied structure. You will have to climb the stairs to reach each level and find tombs there. If you stand at the center of the base level and look around, you will be able to see all levels from there. The ceiling is beautifully carved and designed. The window like openings with “jali” work allows the light to penetrate inside the structure and creates such a surreal surrounding. Each corner has something to share, if only one has the eyes to look for it.

see One of the entrance path to the main tomb

A view of the various levels in the main structure
Ceiling of the main structure
A view of the various levels in the main structure

lugares para despedidas de solteros en buenos aires The upper level takes you to the terrace from where you can view the garden done in Persian style. The garden is divided into four blocks covering each corner of the monument and each of them is interconnected. The well thought design and the hard work put in executing the task is evident. The tomb is built by Hamida Banu Begum, who is the first wife of Humayun. It is the brainchild of Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, a Persian architect. Thus, the monument reflects lots of Persian style in various structures. Do not miss this one when you visit Delhi, one of the finest architectural excellence!

One of the structures inside
Tombs of various members of the Royal family