Breathing Earth Resort near Kolkata

Breathing earth

‘Breathing Earth Resort is located at Usthi Road, near Diamond Harbour. It is about 37 kilometers from Esplanade (Central Kolkata), taking around 1.5 hrs to reach.

We, a group of 15 people had visited the place for a day. We left at around 10 in the morning and reached the place at around 12, stopping once for refreshments. We also got some traffic as it was peak Ganga Sagar Mela season and it is on the same way. Also, the roads are quite narrow for a stretch of about 5-6 kms which passes from the main bazar and one could get stuck here for some time. It is advised to start early morning to avoid any bottlenecks.


The journey was quite enjoyable with lovely view on both sides of the road, green fields, cool breeze and some nice weather accompanying us. We also passed Swami Narayan temple on our way. The property is on the main road and could be missed if one does not keep a track. There is a post on the road bearing the name of the resort with it’s gate. Once you enter the place, it is a different world all together. The first thing that you will feel is the freshness of the place. Mud houses, pond and ample greenery around will soothe your soul and make you yearn to look around for more.

The place has different sections for banquet halls and rooms for staying. There are few covered dining areas or banquet rooms, each with a descent size lawn of its own. We had booked one of these and were quite pleased with the arrangement. All bookings were done over phone and details were conveyed in the emails. It was a banquet hall that they had provided us with dining area on ground and first floor. A nice lawn was attached to it which was our private one. They had also laid three tables with chairs in the lawn. The cottages for staying was in a separate area. All the cottages were side by side forming a circle with a swimming pool in the middle. Though we did not stay at night, we went to look around the property. The rooms seemed neat, spacious and welcoming.

The place has lot of recreational facilities. There was a pond in the property where paddle boats and kayaking arrangements was there. Though they only had one paddle boat and could add one or two more of them. There was also a zip-line. There were various rope bridges to try. Some of these were complimentary while for others they either fall in the package or separately paid for. There is a small park for children too. The food was good and tasty. They provided us with breakfast, lunch and hi-tea. Overall it was a pretty nice experience for us with nice food and a place to relax. The only thing that bothered us was that there were three groups who were using the different lawns, and all were playing the music quite loud which was irritating. Since the areas were open so there was no way to block the sound.

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