Hauz Khas Deer Park Visit

Haus Khas, a wonderful place with positive vibes emitting from every corner. Deer Park, located in Haus Khas is spread over a huge area. A big attraction is the Hauz Khas lake located inside the park.

Haus Khas Deer Park
Haus Khas lake inside the park.

Entry is free, so the park is visited by many people. You can spot a variety of plants and trees inside. It has a lovely walking path with hanging bougainvilleas forming a canopy.

Haus Khas Deer Park
Lovely walking path inside.
Haus Khas Deer Park

Bougainvilleas hanging over the pathway.

Deers are kept inside an enclosure, which is quite large in itself. There are picnic spots inside so that people can spend a whole day going around the park, looking at deers and the lake and have a good time. There is a restaurant also called Park Baluchi. You can book it while entering the park. If you enter the park from Haus Khas Village gate, then you will spot various restaurants in the area too. Most of these restaurants have the lake view where one can sit and enjoy the meal.

Haus Khas Deer Park
Deers inside the enclosed area.
Haus Khas Deer Park

We had taken our lunch in one of the resturant there called Haus Khas Social and let me tell you it is an amazing place with wonderful view of the lake. We had then ventured inside the park. Best time to visit is late afternoons in summer when the heat has reduced a bit. In winter, anytime during the day, morning and evening is fine. Rather one would enjoy basking in the sun during a chilly Delhi winter day.

Haus Khas Deer Park
An old tree right at the entrance. The place is full of such mature trees with hanging roots.

It is a paradise for nature lovers. With so much flora and fauna, one is sure to fall in love with the place.

Timings: 5:00am-8:00pm (in summer),
5:30am-7:00pm (in winter)

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