Lataguri – A Place Right at the Heart of Nature

If you are a wild life lover, then Lataguri is a place for you. Situated right outside Gorumara reserve forest, the place has various resorts where you can stay comfortably. The place offers various jungle safaries that you could avail. The reserve area has various animals and the four major ones to be spotted are sambar deers, bisons, elephants and rhinoceros. We also spotted various birds. I have never seen so many peacocks anywhere before. I was delighted to spot an entire tree filled with them.

We took a volvo bus from Kolkata and reached Siliguri. We already had a pre booking in one of the resorts called The Green Castle and they had sent their car to take us to the resort. The resort is not too big but is well maintained and provided us good service. We spent two days in this place and then headed for Mirik.

A river we spotted in the jungle

The Gorumara jungle safari was scheduled for early next morning. One has to book tickets for enrty to the reserve area. Each vehicle is provided with a guide who explains the tour. We were lucky to spot two deers, a herd of elephants (this was very exciting), a rhino and lots of peacocks and peahens. But the best part was the jungle itself, deep, dark and mysterious. There happens to be areas within where very old trees live and breathe. They are never cut and live their full cycle. You also get to see some tribal villages when you cross from one area to another. The sky at dawn, the sound of birds and the thick foliage around you, makes it all so mystical.
After a good breakfast we went to visit the places around. We went to banks of Murti river and nearby tea gardens.

Best time to visit
August to March (or mid of April) is the best time to visit. From August you can see lot of green around you as rains have done the magic just before that. However sighting animals would be a little difficult as they could easily hide behind the thick foliage. But if you want to enjoy the forest itself then this is the right time for you.

Spotting an elephant

From October the grass and bushes starts to dry up and animals also make their way towards the drinking spots. You can see many of them during this time.

Nearby Places to Visit
1. Gorumara National Park
2. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary
3. Murti river bank
4. Jayanti mahakal caves
5. Buxa Tiger Reserve and Buxa Fort

How to Visit
-Trains from Kolkata (Howrah and Sealdah) to New Jalpaiguri. Take cabs (or hire full car) from there to Lataguri. You can also ask Resort to arrange for cars.
-Volvo Buses from Kolkata (Esplanade) to Siliguri.
-Flights to Bagdogra (near Siliguri).

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