Ranikhet – the Queen’s Meadow!

Ranikhet, or Queen’s meadow lies in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand in the north-western part of India. Known for its beauty, hilly terrain and majestic views of the snow clad mountains it is a place worth visiting, and visiting many times over. In the month of November, year 2016 we visited this beautiful paradise on earth. Two-day visit was too short, but a very refreshing one.

We stayed at Majhkali, a little distance from Ranikhet at he Trinayan Cottages. The cottages are well maintained and the staff is very helpful and cooperative. The beautiful view of the Trishul peaks from the cottages is breathtaking and mesmerising.

It gets quite chilly in November, but there is abundant sunshine during the day and at the night time mostly clear skies open up almost the magical roof of the world to a vast array of stars and you can see the milky way river if you can bear the chill and stay a little longer in the night.

There are quite a few places to see around Ranikhet. Its a cantonement area and houses the Kumaon Regiment. The area is pretty clean because of army discipline and it is quite heartening to see it all green and clean.

A cafe that we discovered on our way

There is a big 18-hole golf course that one can visit and a little further towards Ranikhet (from Majhkali) is the Kali temple. Its a small place but has its own charm, and meaning to the religious folks.

The golf course

Haidakhan temple is another sacred place which is often visited by tourists and is quite a relaxing place.

Handloom factory

There is not a whole of industry but there is a weavers place where some of the underprivileged folks of the place find employment and do a great job and producing beautiful hand woven shawls and other such articles.

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