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The very purpose of this blog is to provide our first hand experience of visiting various places so that viewers can use them when they plan their own travel. We try to write directly what we have experienced. It might sometimes happen that others might have different experience and might not agree to our views. Prices of products, tickets or other travel related items mentioned in the articles might change which we are not always aware of and we cannot take responsibility of them. It is always advisable to check for those from the direct websites.

External links are given in the articles that would help you to get more information related to the topic. Sometimes they relate to products or services being offered which might interest you related to what you have been reading.

The content and images in the site are updated by us and Google Ads/ third party ads are just a mean to support our work. If you like our site and would like to make a donation to support us then reach out to me at We would be glad to mention you in our Thank you page. When you write a comment, it gets reviewed by us and once approved then gets published. We do not allow spam or offensive or hurtful comments to be published on the site. We need your name, email and website (if you have one) to verify you are a human, that’s all we need. Only your name gets published in comments. And we do not share your email with third parties.


All the photographs and videos used in the blog site are taken by me or my team. If any photo is provided by any guest/ visitor, then his/ her name is mentioned below it. All articles are written by me or my team from our personal travel experiences. Name of the person who has written the article is mentioned below it. None of the article, images, logo, tagline used in the blog site can be published or recreated, reused, copied, embedded or re-purposed, printed or distributed without my consent. If you want to use any of it in any form then do send me a mail for my written consent. If you are found using it without permission, then you are deemed to face legal consequences. In every profession we need to follow certain ethics. It takes pain and effort to click photos or write articles and seeing them being copied, upsets us.

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